Aviram TzurUX Strategist, Consultant & Lecturer


Hi, I'm Aviram, the founder and UX strategist at TZUR – UX Design, an innovative and top-tier UX/UI design agency based in Israel. My primary goal is to assist hi-tech, startup, product, and service companies in achieving remarkable user experience. Additionally, I offer professional UX/UI lectures to share my expertise with others. You are welcome to connect with me to explore potential collaborations and elevate your product's user experience to new heights :)

My UX Consulting Services

Exclusive UX/UI
Consulting Session

For digital products, apps,
websites, and complex systems

During this session, I will collaborate with you to outline both strategic and practical improvements for your UX/UI. Whether you're in the early stages of product development or seeking to optimize existing digital products, by leveraging my deep understanding of user behavior, decision-making, and call-to-action, I will help you to lay a solid foundation for precise user-centered design, enhanced user experience, and improved business outcomes.

To arrange an exclusive UX/UI consulting session, please contact me:

UX/UI Lectures

For companies, teams,
and employees

Designed as 2-3 hour sessions, my lectures provide valuable insights and practical knowledge on key subjects of user experience, including cognitive & behavioral psychology, decision-making, call-to-action, infographics, and more. These thought-provoking and meticulously crafted lectures provide the audience with a fresh perspective on user experience, encompassing both theoretical concepts and practical applications that shape user experiences and drive business success.

To arrange a UX/UI lecture, please contact me:

Academic UX/UI

For universities and colleges

This service is designed to support academic institutions in enhancing their UX/UI programs and preparing students for success in the UX/UI field. Through close collaboration with you, I will provide expert guidance and valuable resources that fit your precise academic needs.

To discuss academic UX/UI collaboration opportunities, please contact me:

UX/UI Career

For UX/UI designers
- professionals and beginners

Whether you're an experienced UX/UI/Product designer or just starting out in the field, I can assist you in taking your career to new heights. With over 20 years of experience, I have conducted professional UX/UI career workshops and provided guidance, mentoring, and consultation to numerous UX/UI and product designers, helping them achieve their career goals.
In an exclusive one-hour consulting session, I will personally guide you on enhancing your portfolio, refining your CV, and presenting yourself effectively to potential employers. Together, we'll work towards maximizing your professional potential and opening doors to exciting opportunities in the UX/UI industry.

To arrange a career UX/UI consulting session, please contact me:

More About Me

I'm Aviram, founder & UX strategist at TZUR – UX Design, a pioneering and leading UX/UI design agency in Israel. My passion lies in helping companies achieve exceptional user experiences by combining business goals with behavior and cognitive psychology principles, decision-making processes, and call-to-action methods. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my expertise with various hi-tech, startup, product, and service companies across different industries.

In addition to my professional endeavors, I feel honored to serve as an academic lecturer at Tel-Aviv University and Reichman University, where I delve with my students into the fascinating fields of UX, cognitive & behavioral psychology, user behavior, and decision-making. I am humbled to have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of UX/UI professionals as an advisor and mentor in the field.

Driven by a strong commitment to research and innovation, I continuously analyze and create UX design methods to enhance the user experience across various platforms, including websites, applications, products, and complex systems.
I invite you to connect with me to explore potential collaborations, exchange knowledge, or simply share our common interests.

If you would like to schedule a meeting, request a lecture, or obtain additional information, please feel free to contact me: